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Iconic Graphs of Climate Change

The bottom line, according to the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), which includes thousands of scientists worldwide who review and synthesize studies on basic science, observations, and models:

David Kennedy, editor in chief of Science Magazine:
Consensus as strong as the one that has developed around this topic is rare in science

Keeling Curve

Keeling CurveCO2 concentrations have been rising at a constant rate (and also fluctuating on a yearly basis)
CO2 and Temp over 400,000 yearsTemperature and CO2 fit together.
Mann graph (The Hockey Stick)Late twentieth century warmth is unprecedented in the last millennium a result that has held up to a lot of scrutiny Multiple Temperature Reconstructions (The Hockey Team)Many different temperature reconstructions, using many different proxies, all agree: its getting warmer.
Multiple GCMsThere are many Global Circulation Models out there, but they all tell approximately the same story temperature is rising. Temperature Scenarios (The Hockey Stick Extended)We may be able to slow warming down with good development policy, but we wont be able to stop it.
Modeled vs. Observed TemperaturesYou need both anthropogenic and natural forcing to accurately model twentieth century temperature. European Heat WavesWhat we think of as a heat wave now will be normal summer temperatures within < 100 years.
 Worldwide Climate NetworkMeasuring temperature and weather around the world A Warmer WorldWarming and precipitation will NOT be spread evenly around the world.
GHG emissions per cpitaThe average American causes twice as much CO2 emission as a European, 4-5 times as much as a Chinese person, and 40-100 times as much as an African person GHG emissions per countryEmissions from China have overtaken emissions from the US of course, they have 4 times as many people as we do