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Mutation and Equilibrium

>Episode 3: Revenge of the Mutants

How to violate an assumption...

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Does it violate H-W assumptions?

yes no Cosmic rays induce mutations in the blue-haired allele. Violation -- mutations violate the H-W assumptions.
yes no Blue-haired people only marrying other blue-haired people (and having kids). Violation -- this constitutes non-random mating .
yes no Population approaching zero growth. No violation-- population growth or lack of growth is not one of the H-W assumptions.
yes no Lower reproduction of blue-haired people compared to brown-haired. Violation -- differential reproduction is a hallmark of natural selection.
yes no Population restricted to a single apartment building. Violation -- an apartment building is a small population, so chance effects can be magnified.
yes no Population growing very rapidly. No violation -- H-W doesn't care if the population is growing.
yes no Immigration of Blue-haired carriers from Lithuania. Violation -- migration invalidates H-W conditions.

yes, yes, no, yes, yes, no, yes