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Today on the Hardy-Weinberg Show:

scene 1

When there's a medical mystery, a conundrum, a puzzler, a what the heck is that, everyone knows who to call, the Medical Examiner. The ME has the knowledge, the experience, the tenacity, the gumption to get the job done. He also has the Assistant who does all the actual work.

The ME picked up the object with a pair of tweezers.

The assistant asked “What is it?” with the practiced air of someone who's been to too many crime scenes.

“A blue hair.”



“Then why don't you cheer it up by singing Hoppy Days Are Here Again.”

“What's that, you say?” asked the ME.

“Hoppy Days are….”

“I heard you the first time,” the ME replied testily.

He placed the clue in a plastic baggy, which had only recently held his peanut butter sandwich.


Episode 1: The Blue Hair Backstory

In today's episode, the Medical Examiner and his Assistant are confronted by a frightening cosmetological disorder: the Blue Hair syndrome. The Assistant tries several methods to accurately predict the percentage of people affected by this syndrome.

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