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Mutation and Equilibrium

>Episode 3: Revenge of the Mutants

The Equilibrium does not Depend on Where you Started

"OK, then, think about this," the Nurse barrelled on relentlessly, "we know that the forward and backward mutation rates for this particular allele pair are 10% and 20%. Will we always get the same equilibrium amounts of the two alleles?"


"When you destroyed that last set of medical charts, you started with a population that was 400/100 for brown/blue alleles, and you got an equilibrium of 333/167. What if you started with 250/250? Or 100/400? Would the equilibrium still be 333/167?"

The Assistant looked alarmed and his writing hand quivered slightly.

"Never mind," said the nurse comfortingly. "I already worked these out -- just look at them...."


Here are the Nurse's notes:

What do you think? Do all three populations tend toward the same equilibrium?