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Exponential Growth and Decay

Problems using exponents

Here are some more problems using the exponential formulation:

  1. How much is a $26,000 retirement account worth after 40 years if it grows

    at 1%?

    at 5%?

    at 6%?

  2. How many fruit flies do I have if I buy bananas (and 6 flies) on December 10th, but don't start zapping fruit flies until the day after Christmas (December 26th; growth rate = 30%)?:
  3. Find out how much that $159 iPod will cost if you put it on your credit card and don’t pay anything for 10 years (19% interest)?
  4. In 2008, the world’s population was about 7 billion.  Given current world population growth rate of 1.2%, what will population size be in 40 years? .