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Goodness of Fit Tests


Now that you (hopefully) understand how the chi-square test works, let's use it to do some biology. Here are 2 common applications - the mechanics are pretty much the same each time.

homozygous recessive mouse The first application is in the area of genetics -- it asks you to test whether the results of mating fit the expectations for a dihybrid cross.

bee eater (bird) The second application is in the area of ecology -- it asks you to test whether a certain family of birds has a preferred habitat.

magician in a red cape

At least two other applications of goodness of fit tests are also common in genetics -- namely, testing for linked gene crosses, and for Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium.

However, we will put off considering these situations until you've actually had a chance to read about them in your textbook. But rest assured, chi-square will rear its, ahem, handsome head in later modules!