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Mice with Fangs: Intro to Punnett Squares

And you thought we were done...

You might have noticed that I was running out of interesting combinations of genotypes to mate. And you probably said, good, the module must be almost over.

Well, not so fast, buddy. I have more tricks up my sleeve. Bigger fish to fry. Or at least, more expansive Punnett Boxes to fill.

We represented the mother's genotype as a (pink) coin with two sides, and the father's as a (blue) coin with two sides. But, of course, there is more to it than that. Mice don't just have vampire fangs vs. wild-type teeth, they also have

OK, I may have made up a few of those, but it's more fun to talk about fluffy red-eyed vampiric mice than yellow peas with wrinkled skin, IMHO.