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Mice with Fangs: Intro to Punnett Squares

The Punnett Menu

But first, let's demystify Punnett's Square a bit. We're going to make a generalized Punnett Square using food instead of alleles.

To set this up, I want you to imagine going out to eat at one of those super-trendy restaraunts (Chez Punnett, of course) with lots of dishes you've never heard of. Your task? Order an entrée and a dessert.

Entrees Desserts
  • Bikini Island Shrimp in Yuca Coconut Puree
  • Wild and Crazy Drunken Trout
  • Sweet Potato Gratin with Baby Pinecones
  • Cornish Hen in Free Range Chicken Wrapped in Organic Turkey, Smothered in Genetically Modified Plum Sauce
  • Turkey Cream Puff Pie
  • Chocolate Mink
  • 103 Layers Chocolate Cake
  • Ecuadorian Pomegranate Popsicles
  • Avocado Gelato
  • Watermelon Croissant


(Just for fun, see if you can guess which three of these recipes actually came from Gourmet magazine).

Our restaurant has 5 entrées and 5 desserts, so how many possible combinations are there?

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I think I have the answer: 25