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Visualization: A Graphing Primer

Believe it or not, every TA gets a handful of reports each semester where the graph has axes that are switched, or the graph is all squashed into one tiny corner of the paper, or nothing is labelled. Well, those reports don't have to come from you! In this module you'll find an easy checklist for making the perfect graph and plenty of practice.


Visualization: Log Transformations

Whoa... using semi-log paper is a bit like learning to graph all over again. Take a quick refresher on logs and what log transformation can do for you. Then jump right in -- drag and drop data onto semi-log paper, find out why starting at y=0 is all wrong for logs, and put all your new skills together. And of course, see if you can figure out how a mountain bike is like a bit of semi-log paper...


Visualization: 3D Becomes 2D

No math in the module, no math up my sleeve. Just good old-fashioned slicing things up to see what they would look like in 2 dimensions. Don't miss the new "spot the blood vessel" picture.


Visualization: Chopping up Plasmids

What does a three-way snail race have to do with gel electrophoresis? Would you rather be supercoiled or nicked? Plus, bonus design-your-own plasmid!