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Tricks with Division

Even though you've been doing division problems since 3rd grade, it's still a rather tricky subject. This module covers the many flavors of division and how to choose between them. Know your percents and your percent changes, and find out what happened when the three not-so-little pigs went on a diet.

The 3/4 Scaling Law

Here is a tale of mice and elephants, wookies and ewoks, Sponge Bob and Square Pants. What is the thread that binds them all? The "power law", with its mysterious constants named "a" and "b". What is the graph that illuminates the power law? The log-log plot, with its data arrayed on a straight line. What is the controversy that rages in the literature? The value of "b" (2/3 or 3/4?) which might boggle your brain and challenge your eyesight. Prepare for a journey through biology...