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Mystery of the Missing Housefly


This module attempts to answer the age-old question, if houseflies can lay a hundred eggs every two weeks, why don't they blanket the earth by now?

More generally, we get into all sorts of theories about how populations grow and why they don't grow as fast as they could.

There will be a few equations, but only a few, and a bunch of applets to demonstrate these equations.


If the applets don't work, you probably need to install or update your java plugin (to 5.0 or greater). Note: please update java only on computer(s) you own -- don't do it on a lab machine, or they'll have my head on a platter. However, you could ask the lab administrator to do it.

Go to . There is a big flashing button that says Download Now. Look directly under and click on Manual Download. On the next screen, choose the first button, for Windows Online Installation (or go to the bottom for directions for macintosh installation). You might be asked to allow the program to run -- just say yes to whatever they ask, and request a typical installation. You will have to restart after you install.

You will only have to do this once. Then let's get started...




Clipart for this module thanks to Arthur's Clipart