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Will the end of Flash be the end of MathBench?


While many MathBench modules were written with Flash applets, many were not. The ones that use Flash (and other obsolete programming languages) are in the process of being redone so that they will continue to work. This project is happening in phases over the next several months.

For modules that have yet to be updated, we will post videos to demonstrate how the applets work. It's kinda like watching someone else work through them: not as good as doing them yourself, but better than looking at a page of error messages... If a module that you rely on hasn't yet been updated, send me an email ( and let me know. We'll try to bump it up in the priority list.

Thanks for your patience!

Welcome to the MathBench Biology Modules! These modules introduce students (and anyone else who's interested) to the mathematical underpinnings of what they learn in introductory biology courses.

But unlike a textbook, the modules are not full of equations and proofs. Instead, we try to bring math to life using intuitive approaches, everyday situations, and even humor.

The modules contain hundreds of interactive activities, games, and questions. They range from the relatively simple (what to do with division) to the relatively abstruse (discrete diffusion models).

So what are you waiting for? Click on one of the threads below to begin!

Measurement Cellular Processes
Visualization Microbiology
Probability and Statistics Population Dynamics
Statistical tests Environmental Science
Miscellaneous Climate Change

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