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The Size of Things

End of the line… the picoworld

stampOf course there are things smaller than glucose. Water molecules, for example. Carbon dioxide. Hydrogen atoms. Chemical bonds. Most of these things are in fact in the picoworld – you guessed it, 1 picometer = 1/1000 nanometers. However, if you want to go there, you’ll have to find a different tour guide.

But, bottom line, don’t expect to find molecules with less than about 20 atoms in the nanoworld.

And really REALLY don’t expect to find the building blocks of atoms -- protons, neutrons, or electrons -- there.

However, I strongly recommend taking a look at the following site: Cells Alive . It is a very nice animation which allows you to zoom in and out on some things in the micro and nanoworlds, with much better production values than my stuff here!