Applets used in the MathBench modules

..... means that some/all applets need to be ported into as3/cs5

///// means that ALL applets have been ported into as3/cs5


///// Bacterial Growth (24)

animated log-transformation, graphs with buttons, sliders, sliding points, slope, fill-in-the-derivation, drag and drop

///// Evolved Immunity (5)

animation with buttons, graphs interact with button animation

///// Exp Growth (11)

draw on graphs, graphs with 2 sliders, graphic with rollover hotspots, multi-screen applet

///// Frank's Football Fiasco (11)

drag and drop to graph, drag point to get info about graph, draw graph, logtransform (2 graph version)

///// Housefly (3)

click to predict graph point by point

///// Log Transformations (9)

click to see graph, drag and drop to graph, drag and drop matching exercise

///// Miscellaneous Modules (7)

generate random text, frame-by-frame movie, draw random circles (animated, non-animated), draw histogram with sliders and fish tank

///// Plasmids (5)

very specialized

///// Sampling (8)

animation effects, grid and transsect sampling, graph created from data, draw random circles, draw random moss, generate random numbers, sample impervious surface, drag to create summarized scatterplot

///// Serial Dilution (4)

random prob generator, click to see, serial dilution simulations

///// SIR (6)

systems of equations, sliders on graphs, drag and drop equations, draw the time series

///// Size of Things (6)

magnification, drag and drop

///// Tragedy of the Commons (6)

3 magazine quizzes, 3 frame-by-frame movies

///// Watersheds (10)

draw on map, draw on graph with slider, drag a raining cloud, button driven animation, drop down box